Technology Resource Guide

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These are our favorite choices for tools and technology to help you grow your business!


Hosting – Hostgator

Domains Registration – Namecheap

Site Building Software – WordPress

WordPress Theme – OptimizePress


Email Marketing – Aweber

Outsourcing / Finding Graphic Designers, Web Designers, Assistants, Etc. – Elance

Teleseminar Software – Instant Teleseminar

Video Camera – Iphone, Built in Computer Camcorder or FlipCam

Video Editing Software – Imovie

Recording Skype Calls – Skype Recorder

Receiving Payments – Paypal or 1Shopping Cart

Microphone – Samson Meteor Mic


If you need any other recommendations – please email us at info(at)yogabusinesssummit(dot)com




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Earnings Disclaimer:

If you purchase a product or service we recommend, we may receive some type of commission or compensation from the manufacturer or service provider.  This is not why we recommend these products and services.  We use and stand behind everything we recommend on this list, on our sites, or in our emails.

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