Do You Want To Be Abundant AND Stress Free While Devoting Yourself To Teaching Yoga?

Has yoga changed your life?  Do you want to share this extraordinary practice with more people?  Do you believe in your heart that you could be serving more people but don’t know where to start or what to do?

We honor your devotion to teaching yoga, and we want to provide you with tools and techniques that will help you spread your message, bring more people into the studio, and help more individuals experience the extraordinary benefits of Yoga!


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Join The Yoga Business Revolution…

Gone are the old world beliefs that business and marketing is slimy and not cool.  There’s a fresh new way of  thinking that’s poised to wash over our community like a tidal wave.  There are leaders emerging in the Yoga scene who have mastered the art of using business and marketing in a life affirming way that’s getting more people to the mat than ever before.

These people are changing the world and we want to help YOU learn from them.    We’re interviewing 7 of the most successful Yogi’s in the country and asking them to share their secrets about how they became so successful and most importantly – how they help so many people with their businesses.   Then we’re going to share these secrets with YOU!


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 But First, We Need Your Help!

We want to make this event as effective and powerful as possible for you.  We want this to be a life-changing experience where you learn proven strategies that will finally help de-mystify the “business side of things”.  You’ll soon discover that it’s not scary, dishonest or uncool.  These strategies are actually life affirming tools that will help you bring more people than ever to the mat.

To provide you with exactly what you need to grow and expand, we have created this questionnaire to pinpoint your needs and desires.  Please fill out the survey below so we can help you on your journey – it will only take few minutes.

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You’re Now A Part Of The Movement…

Thank You!  Your participation with this questionnaire will help the yoga community as a whole.  It’s our mission to bring fresh, new strategies and tools to the front lines of the Yoga Movement.  We will deliver the information that you need to become more focused and effective at bringing people to the practice.  It’s time you use your talents and gifts to their full potential.  Together, we can change the world.


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Want to Sign Up Now For The Yoga Business Summit?

Great!  You can register now so you’ll be the first to know when we kick this off.  The event is FREE – all you have to do is enter your name and email in the box below to register.  We can’t wait to meet you and help get you on the fast track to living your dream life of sharing the gifts of yoga, while getting paid well for it!

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Namaste From Your Yoga Business Summit Hosts:


Chuck Peterson

Your East Coast Yoga Business Leader

Chris King

Your West Coast Yoga Business Leader


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Help Us Spread The Word!

Thank you for taking part in this special event.  The more people that we can get to participate in this survey, the better we can make this event for you and our community!  Please leave a comment below and post this to your wall on Facebook, Tweet it to your friends, or post to your  favorite social media platform.  Let’s show the world what Yogis can do!

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