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“How to Find Your Niche, Talents and Passions”

Katherine Roberts / Yoga For Golfers

 Finding your niche and teaching to a specific group of people is one of the most powerful ways to fill your classes, differentiate yourself and build a huge following.  Teaching to a specific group of people will bring people to the practice that never would try it on their own.  Expressing your talents, passions and unique flavor through your teaching will help you to feel self expressed and also will help attract students that are a perfect for you.  It’s time show the world your unique style!

Katherine Roberts is Founder and President of Katherine Roberts Yoga for Golfers and the Roberts Flex-Fit Method.  Her work has been profiled by USA TODAY, Golf Magazine, Golf for Women, Golf Week and The Golf Channel.  Katherine is the producer of seven DVD’s and is the author of two books.  Katherine is the yoga expert for the LA Dodgers and San Diego Padres.   

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“Teaching Outside The Studio”

Racheal Cook / The Yogipreneur 

Have you ever thought to yourself “there must be a different way to make a living as a yoga teacher other than teaching in studios”?  Well lucky for us, there’s a whole world of possibility out there!  In this exciting episode – Racheal will help you uncover several creative, interesting, outside the box ways to create a thriving business as a yoga teacher without having to work within the studio framework.  

Racheal Cook (founder of The Yogipreneur) has a mission – to help enlightened entrepreneurs design businesses that love them back. Through innovative products and programs, Racheal teaches mindful marketing, conscious business design and her latest discoveries in the world of social media and online marketing.

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“Create A Global Online Presence”

Dan Wilf / Yoganonymous.com

If you want to share your message with thousands of people from the comfort of your home yoga mat – you’ve got to build an online presence.  The internet will not only help you spread the word, it will give you valuable tools to help you build your community and stay in touch with your peeps.  In this special presentation – Dan will give you inside secrets and tips that helped him build a community of thousands of yogis that reaches around the world.  Don’t miss this!

Dan is the founder and creator of Yoganonymous.com – The definitive online source of yoga information including your favorite teachers, workshops, retreats, and events.  Dan has created a place where thousands of yogis come to get news, updates and build community.  [divider_line]Insert Your Text Here[/divider_line]


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“Build Your Following”

Jennifer Pastiloff / Manifestation Yoga

Imagine thousands of devoted fans and students that follow you across oceans and to the far reaches of the globe to participate in your retreats and events.  Imagine getting to improve the lives of thousands of people while they support you in return.  If you’re going to run successful retreats, create online products and programs, and host packed workshops, you have to create a loyal following.  This can be your reality – Jennifer will show you how.

Jennifer Pastiloff  leads workshops and retreats for her students worldwide, including Yoga + Wine retreats to Ojai, CA,Tuscany Italy, Bali, Mexico, Hawaii, to name a few.  She also hosts fund-raisers, writes for Positively Positive, Yoganonymous, MindBodyGreen, OwningPink and is currently writing her first book. Jen created Karaoke Yoga which was featured on Good Morning America.

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“How To Run Retreats”

Brock and Krista Cahill / Flight School 

Take 20 devoted students, a beautiful tropical island, lots of yoga, some monkeys and a few waterfalls, mix them together and you’ve got the dream come true of hosting your own retreat.  Now imagine getting paid well to do it!  Brock and Krista, our seasoned retreat experts, will tell you how to get started on the exciting road to hosting your own awesome retreats!

Brock and Krista, aka: The Gravity Cowboys are co-founders of Flight School. Brock and Krista teach retreats around the world and regular classes at Yogis Anonymous in Santa Monica, CA.  Following the gulf oil spill, they founded Kurmalliance, a non profit that saves sea turtles and their ecosystems.

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“Successful Studios and Packed Classes”

Dhyana Vitarelli / Dhyana Yoga 

Do you love teaching classes that are packed to brim with ideal students that are eager to learn?  Nothing beats the energy of teaching yoga to a full house.  Not to mention your bank account will be happy too!  Dhyana will de-mystify the process of filling your classes during this ground breaking interview.

Dhyana and her husband John are the founders of Dhyana Yoga Studios.  She operates five, successful, thriving yoga studios.  What started as a passion grew into a passionate endeavor to bring Yoga to the forefront in Philadelphia.  

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More Coming Soon!

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