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Yes! You CAN share the gifts of yoga with the world AND make a great living!  Five high powered yoga entrepreneurs will show you how during this special event.  Enter your first name and email address below to register for free:  


The Yoga Business Summit Starts August 28th!

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Do You Want To Be Abundant AND Stress Free While Devoting Yourself To Teaching Yoga?

Has yoga changed your life?  Do you want to share this extraordinary practice with more people?  Do you believe in your heart that you could be serving more people but don’t know where to start or what to do? We honor your devotion to teaching yoga, and we want to provide you with tools and techniques that will help you spread your message, bring more people into the studio, and help more individuals experience the extraordinary benefits of Yoga!   [divider_bar_wide]divider [/divider_bar_wide]


Join The Yoga Business Revolution…

Gone are the old world beliefs that business and marketing is slimy and not cool.  There’s a fresh new way of  thinking that’s poised to wash over our community like a tidal wave.  There are leaders emerging in the Yoga scene who have mastered the art of using business and marketing in a life affirming way that’s getting more people to the mat than ever before. These people are changing the world and we want to help YOU learn from them.    We’re interviewing 7 of the most successful Yogi’s in the country and asking them to share their secrets about how they became so successful and most importantly – how they help so many people with their businesses.   Then we’re going to share these secrets with YOU!   [divider_bar_wide]divider [/divider_bar_wide]


Meet The Experts:

Here are seven, super successful yogis who are changing the world.  In this special event – they’re going to share with you the secrets to their success and strategies that you can start using right away to live the yoga career of your dreams.     [divider_line]Insert Your Text Here[/divider_line]

“Essential Strategies To Build Community In Your Classes


 Pete Guinosso / Pete G. Yoga

 Yoga is all about connection.  As humans we strive for more connection with each other and to feel a sense of community.  Creating community in your classes is one of the most important jobs you have as a teacher.   In this interview, Pete will share with you some simple action steps that you can start taking right now to build community around you your classes and your offerings.   Pete offers classes, teacher trainings, immersions and retreats in the San Francisco Bay Area.  Known for his joyful energy, skilled touch and sense of humor, Pete creates a spiritual yet light-hearted environment for his students to uncover the deeper benefits of yoga. Pete’s ability to compassionately guide students of all levels through a vigorous asana practice makes his classes amongst the most dynamic in the bay area.  Connect with Pete at http://petegyoga.com/   [divider_line]Insert Your Text Here[/divider_line]


“Fall In Love With Your Mission and Attract Your Tribe”


 Jessica Boylston-Fagonde / Brand Thyself 

Why do you teach yoga?  What inspires you to serve others?  There’s absolutely nothing more powerful than knowing your big “Why”.  When you connect with this deeper place, all your offerings will become enriched with passion, purpose and clarity.  You’ll gain more confidence and increase your attraction to your ideal students.  Jess will take you on a journey of self discovery so you can fall in love with your own mission and stand out from the crowd!      Jess has guided hundreds of yoga teachers through a magical and empowering discovery to clarify who you are as a teacher, what your unique offering is, and how you can serve your students with greater capacity. With her unconventional branding approach called Brand Thyself, Jess’ wisdom-driven workshops, online courses and 1-on-1 sessions help teachers awaken to their authentic voice and put their heart at the heart of their message.  Connect with Jess at http://facebook.com/jessicaboylstonfagonde      [divider_line]Insert Your Text Here[/divider_line]  

“3 Strategies To Help You Book More Privates”


 Chuck Peterson / YogiChuck Insurance Services

Boosting your private session practice is the fastest way to adding more abundance to your teaching career.  Offering privates will also give our students an opportunity to dive deeper into the practice with you.  You know you should be teaching more privates, but how do you get people to sign up?  Not only will Chuck show you proven strategies to help you book more privates, he’ll also show you how to feel good charging a fair price for your services!   Drawing from over a decade of experience as a successful entrepreneur, Chuck serves the yoga community with conscious business strategies and mindful marketing techniques to help yoga teachers attain their dream career.  Chuck is the co-founder of Yoga Business University and The Yoga Business Summit, the definitive sources of yoga business education worldwide.  He is also the founder of YogiChuck Insurance - A company that provides specialized insurance to yoga teachers and studios.   [divider_line]Insert Your Text Here[/divider_line]  

“How To Price Your Offerings For Sustainability and Success”


Donna Davis / Elation Centre

If we’re going to continue to grow the yoga movement in a sustainable way, we have to learn how to price our offerings so we set ourselves up for success.  In this exciting interview – Donna Davis, the long time owner of a successful studio in Canada, will teach you how to set yourself apart and stand out from the crowd, without competing on price.  You deserve to earn a great living while sharing yoga with the world, Donna will give you some specific action steps to help you charge an appropriate price for your services AND feel great about it!   Donna is the producer and host of the popular show Yoga for Runners on Rogers TV, and Yoga for Life on Rogers online On Demand. She is  CEO (Chief Empowerment Officer), and founder of Elation Centre Ltd., Ottawa’s premier Vinyasa Yoga and Lifestyle Studio.  A teacher and yogini, athlete, marathon runner as well as self-taught vegan chef and coach whose passion for healthy living is contagious; Donna’s dedication to educate and empower women to adopt a balanced approach to health continuously transforms lives.   [divider_line]Insert Your Text Here[/divider_line]

“The $100,000 Yoga Business Blue-Print”


Chris King / The Marketing Alchemist

Can you really make a great living teaching yoga?  Absolutely!  If you teach yoga, you offer a tremendously valuable service to the world.  You not only CAN make plenty of money – you deserve to!   Sometimes you just need someone to show you a map to get there.  In this groundbreaking video – Chris will show you an exact blue print you can follow that will allow you to make $100,000 a year as a yoga teacher.  Don’t miss this!  Chris King is passionate about helping yoga professionals learn conscious business practices so they can more effectively serve their students and create abundance in their own lives. Chris is the co-founder of The Yoga Business University and The Yoga Business Summit, the definitive source of yoga business education worldwide.  Chris offers private consulting and marketing strategy services for yoga professionals at http://themarketingalchemist.com 

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More Experts Coming Soon! 

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Sign Up Now For The Yoga Business Summit!

You can register now so you’ll be the first to know when we kick this off.  The event is FREE – all you have to do is enter your name and email in the box below to register.  We can’t wait to meet you and help get you on the fast track to living your dream life of sharing the gifts of yoga, while getting paid well for it! And if that’s not cool enough…

We’re giving away thousands of dollars in prizes from yoga mats to expert coaching sessions!  Enter your name and email to register:  

Here’s a list of the awesome prizes donated by our experts:

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  • A FREE Jade Yoga Mat!  Courtesy of Jade Yoga – $69.95 Value
  • A Yoga Business Design Strategy Session with Chuck Peterson (YogiChuck.com) – $350.00 Value
  • A Complimentary Coaching Session with Jess Boylston-Fagonde (Brand Thyself) – A $250.00 Value
  • A Business Alchemy Power Session with Chris King (TheMarketingAlchemist.com) $497.00 Value
  • An Enrollment in The Yoga Business Sutras Online Video Course (YogaBusinessUniversity.com) $497.00 Value



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Namaste From Your Yoga Business Summit Hosts:


Chuck Peterson

Your East Coast Yoga Business Host



Chris King

Your West Coast Yoga Business Host




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 Contact Us:  info[at]yogabusinesssummit[dot]com

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